Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So, I've been in Vietnam...

... For all of November, and it was pho-nomenal...!!! (A little pun on my part, there.)

If you'd like to see some photos, you can go here. Despite the fact there are SO many damn photos in that album, there were a lot of places I didn't take any... such as War Museums, most of the temples... anywhere I thought it would be disrespectful, really.

My partner and I were there for three weeks. The first two-and-a-half were amazing and the last four days were terrible... but all in all it was an excellent time. If anyone happens to have questions about the trip I'm more than happy to answer them but writing a whole journal retrospectively is a tad unappealing...!

So, back to the -isms...

- I obviously haven't done too much in regards to, well, anything. Half my plants prospered and half of them died and there's a bucketload of weeding that needs doing.

- I went a little bit nutbar with some crafting over the last couple of days. I will edit with some photos soon.

- I've been baking today - even though we're trying to live much healthier and more active now we've returned *excluding that cheesecake earlier, of course*. My new plan is to bake away whenever I feel like it... but send most of it to work with the BF so that his team can reap the blubber benefits.

Today's naughty bakey-ness (inspired by the donation of a an entire pantry of shizzit from a girlfriend)... Chewy Maple Oatmeal Cookies [greenisms recipe edit saw half cranberries, half blueberries] and (vegan) Anzac Biscuits with LSA and Almond Slivers [no recipe link for this one as I edited it lots and closed it anyway].

- In Vietnam I rediscovered how amazing FRUIT is. We've been buying a lot more fruit to use as snacks in the week since our return, and I can't imagine that's going to change any time soon. Because: Ohm-nom-nom-nom.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to go make myself a watermelon juice. Wheeeeee!

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  1. The photo's look amazing, there are some you didn't put on on FB and other you did. Looks like you guys had an amazing time, it looks so colourful =D
    Cookies look yummy, going to try making some


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